In RIMEF SRL people are an essential resource and a strategic factor because it is precisely on their passion, commitment, skills and high specialization that customer loyalty, trust and satisfaction depend.
The company’s organizational system provides customers with a team of highly qualified technicians, created to ensure compliance with deadlines and service quality.

RIMEF offre organizzazione di qualità


The organization has an integrated system, managed by several resources, which permits analysing all critical processes closely and ensures the maintenance of qualification as regards its own certification systems.


A group of technicians able to reach any site in a timely manner, adequately trained to ensure maximum safety when carrying out jobs and fully equipped to do any on-site job in a totally autonomous way.


The company organization ensures full traceability of the goods taken into custody from the customer, from their arrival through to delivery, and manages all loading and unloading activities in complete safety and using systems that safeguard the integrity of the OTMs. The assets of our customers enjoy total protection, thanks also to RIMEF’s certified video-surveillance system connected directly to the police.


The company is able to deal with large concerns and Public Administrations, carefully studying calls for tenders, preparing specific framework agreements with its suppliers and supporting customers with regard to all their administrative and accounting needs.


Each customer has its own unique sales representative able to provide immediate answers and any type of document management customization.


The Office is committed to dedicated resources that ensure the perfect traceability of each material used, as well as monitoring critical suppliers by enforcing the company qualification system of suppliers.

Technical and qualification office

Manned by highly qualified resources, in continuous training to provide its customers with a service compliant with the Law, Provisions and Standards. The certifications of our maintenance technicians are constantly monitored by the Technical Office, which ensures they are always up to date.