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Case History

Wagon 4.0

Despite the challenges posed by 2020, RIMEF remained resolute in pursuing its R&D plans, creating an advanced diagnostics system that aligned with Industry 4.0 standards. Our aim? Boost safety and efficiency across railway construction equipment. The cutting-edge system was initially introduced in the 4.0 flat wagon of our manufacture—the RMF-C01.

Equipment Revamping

In 2006, our team successfully designed and built four rail emergency vehicles, crafted to deliver safety services promptly in the event of accidents or injuries occurring at high-risk construction sites. In 2010, RIMEF undertook a comprehensive overhaul of KELLER 101, KELLER 301 and FIPEM F93 self-propelled ladder trucks, transforming them into entirely new and upgraded vehicles. These enhancements significantly improved safety features and overall performance. In 2017, we transformed two mail wagons into rail emergency trucks for safety services along the Porretana railway line.

Use of Dukic Devices

In our commitment to modernise ageing rail construction equipment and address the challenge of fine particle pollution, RIMEF reached out to specialist DUKIC, becoming an authorised installer of their cutting-edge devices. We have become big fans of this product. Our numerous field opacimetric measurements give it a thumbs up.

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