The company is historically specialized in the overhauling and repair of on-track machines (OTM) and thanks to a path of innovation today offers comprehensive services to its customers: skilled labour, innovative service management systems and support ranging from consulting to punctuality in deliveries are the strengths of this growth path. From this point of view, it aims at being an all-round benchmark for the sector; this is the vision behind the decisions of recent years. Since 1995 to the present day, the company has been transformed from an artisan reality to a medium-sized concern with future prospects of expansion through investment plans keyed to the technological and managerial development of services. Since 2017, RIMEF has been working together with a leading local manufacturer.

la storia di RIMEF

Service and maintenance

Inspections and measurements



Our first commitment is to put at disposal the extensive mechanical engineering experience we have acquired on all types of OTMs, starting as far back as 1979. The second is to constantly update our knowledge of each new technological breakthrough. Hence we have invested in technological tools and in the continuous training of our technicians: a team of specialists who know how to intervene, using the most advanced systems, on all OTMs to keep up with increasingly faster changes in regulations.