The activity is developed mainly within our own workshop. The verification process is based on work planning, through the documental analysis of the OTMs (Manual, Maintenance Plan and Vehicle Registration Document), the careful planning of the work through the formalization of work and inspection plans that update the customer on the progress of the activity, the carrying out of all checks using controlled and certified equipment and tools, the past experience of our technicians and all those jobs needed to ensure the perfect re-entry into service of the OTM.

verifica periodica quinquennale
servizi di manutenzione ordinaria e straordinaria


RIMEF offers its customers routine maintenance services including: Periodic Annual Checkups, Periodic Five-Year Checkups and Routine Checks provided for in the individual Maintenance Plans of the OTMs. All the processes of this activity are developed through procedures and working instructions that are constantly updated and in compliance with mandatory standards/requirements, respecting job times and reducing machine downtimes as much as possible.


RIMEF’s organizational structure has fully equipped mobile workshops to ensure rapid and decisive intervention directly on sites or at customers’ facilities throughout Italy. The activity is carried out in full compliance with safety and environmental standards. Our highly qualified technicians are able to solve faults quickly and thus reduce downtimes.

servizio assistenza tecnica esterna di RIMEF
servizio di prove non distruttive


RIMEF staff is enabled to perform second level Non-Destructive Tests (NDT), such as ultrasonic testing, magnetical particle testing and penetrant testing, qualified and certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9712 Non-destructive tests – with extension to the sector “Railway Maintenance – Rolling Stock (MF/R) – Operating Class B. The execution of such tests is granted throughout Italy, at external sites or at the headquarters of the customer.


RIMEF technicians, suitably trained and qualified to work on safety devices (running gears, trolleys, traction and repulsion, chassis and body, doors, pneumatic and brake system, electrical circuits, fire-fighting system, on-board technological system) according to the RFI DPR PD IFS 012 operating procedure and according to the provisions of our own certified Competence Management System, are able to carry out specific checks on OTMs and Goods Wagons, including all measurement activities using advanced instruments, controlled and certified as required by the relevant check plans. Each examination activity is recorded through specific certificates issued to customers and stored in the company databases in order to always have any previous data in case of reference or requests for duplicates from the customer.

servizio di rilievi e misure di RIMEF
servizio di assemblaggio offerto da RIMEF


RIMEF collaborates with a major local manufacturer for assembly and testing of OTMs, mainly road/rail. The activity is carried out in full compliance with the manufacturer’s deadlines, with dedicated personnel and specific procedures to ensure maximum results.