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Consulting and Training

Maintenance is extremely important for worker and railway infrastructure safety.

Effective maintenance management involves having a deep understanding of all the regulations established by Italy’s National Unification Body (UNI), the Italian National Agency for Railway, Road Infrastructure and Motorway Safety (ANSFISA) and the Italian Rail Network (RFI). It also requires an integrated system for managing deadlines efficiently and a certified lifelong training program with ANSFISA trainers. RIMEF, a certified Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) under EU Reg. 779/2019, provides customers with top-notch technical and engineering consultancy services as well as software capable of efficiently managing maintenance deadlines and plans for entire equipment fleets. Moreover, it doesn’t just provide certified training services for its technicians but also offers training outsourcing.

There will be no more stressing about deadlines or keeping up with regulatory changes. Your fleets will always be efficient and ready for action.

Maintenance and Overhauls

The five-yearly inspection mainly takes place in-house. The process involves the following steps: 1) Document analysis: we thoroughly examine vehicle documents, including the Manual, Maintenance Plan and Vehicle Registration. 2) Detailed work planning: we meticulously plan the work, formalising it through work and control plans; these plans keep our customers informed about the status of ongoing activities. 3) Precise execution: our technicians perform all checks using verified and certified equipment and instrumentation. 4) Leveraging experience: we incorporate insights from our experienced technicians. 5) Implementations for optimal vehicle performance: any necessary adjustments are made to ensure the perfect recommissioning of the vehicle.

RIMEF also specialises in extraordinary maintenance, offering comprehensive overhauls for railway construction equipment. Our services encompass modifications, upgrades and revamping. Extraordinary maintenance considers the remaining lifespan of the vehicle and gives customers the chance to have a reconditioned vehicle that matches the potential and performance of a brand-new one in a shorter time frame and at more favourable economic conditions.

Hire Services

RIMEF offers tailored hire services to suit the customer’s individual needs. Customers have different hire options available: a comprehensive hire that also includes scheduled and extraordinary maintenance service; hire purchase arrangement with option to purchase at the end of the contract; or simple hire arrangement, with custody of the vehicle at our location and activation on request.

ON-SITE work

RIMEF offers fully-equipped mobile workshops to ensure fast and decisive Italy-wide service at the customer’s location or the construction site. The work is performed in full compliance with safety and environmental regulations and standards. We manage all site opening and closing permit procedures in-house, alleviating any concerns for our customers. Our highly skilled technicians are prepared to solve issues quickly, minimising machine downtime.


RIMEF upgrades railway construction equipment to align with the Road-Map technical specifications set by the RFI. These upgrades encompass both execution and documentation, ensuring that the vehicles conform to the requirements for safe circulation on the railway infrastructure.

Design and

As a builder, RIMEF offers feasibility studies and can handle the entire process of designing and fabricating new railway construction equipment tailored to individual needs.

The benefit of design and fabrication is that a versatile vehicle can be made to meet specific work requirements, serving as a single vehicle for multiple purposes.

In 2020, we developed a last-generation diagnostics system capable of monitoring safety features, tracking vehicle deployment, and issuing real-time alerts for any irregularities, ensuring timely maintenance before faults occur. This system can be retrofitted onto existing vehicles.

Non-destructive testing

Our non-destructive testing service is highly valued due to our almost immediate response time. Customers don’t have to worry about managing testing-related tasks (e.g. bushing disassembly). Our technicians take care of everything. Our management system can provide the original testing certificate within 24 hours, even for tests conducted at external sites.

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